Six common hypnotherapy training myths, debunked.

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Some Student Stories:
"The Wellness Institute Six Day Hypnotherapy Certification was the most valuable training of my 20 years as a Social Worker.If your experience is anything like mine you will learn to help clients actually clear and let go of the emotional debris of their lifetime wounds." - Ellen Siegel, LCSW

"Thank you for an amazing experience in the Six-Day; it was an honor to witness and benefit from your experience and passion for all that you do. I continue to be inspired." - Pam Dibbs, Certified Coach

"That training literally changed my life...within three months, two colleagues and I opened our own private practice"

While stage hypnotists are invested in making people squawk like a chicken, that’s not what hypnotherapy is about.

Hypnotherapy is about accessing the subconscious mind, understanding your client’s motivations, and healing them. Hypnotherapy being seen as the equivalent of a comedic stage show is only one of the six common myths.

In this ebook, you will:

  • Read about the six common myths people associate with hypnotherapy (training).
  • Learn why hypnotherapy works as well as it does.
  • Read about our hypnotherapy training curriculum.
  • Learn how you can begin using hypnotherapy with your own clients.
  • And more!

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