Mentorship Program

The Mentorship Program is the fourth and most advanced level of training offered by The Wellness Institute, offered in an online, interactive format. Enrollment in the Mentorship Program is a four-year course of study. Participants commit one year at a time and the group is closed to the cohort of students that began together in year one. The Mentorship Program meets during three weekends (Friday morning through Sunday evening) over a one-year period. The Mentorship program provides clinicians with in-depth training on the shock/trauma continuum, shadow work, Jungian depth psychology, and group dynamics. This training will also develop clinical skills including intuition, energy management, facilitation of altered states of consciousness, the inclusion of spiritual and soul levels, and exploration of transpersonal realms such as conception, the womb, dreams, archetypal energies, death, past lives, and the inter-life.