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Our Courses are NBCCH Certified

The National Board for Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists was organized in 1991 as a certifying organization dedicated to promoting professional standards in the mental and physical health specialty of hypnotherapy. NBCCH continues its commitment to the diversity of its constituents, to promoting best practices, and to providing information to the public. NBCCH works to promote the talents and skills of its members.

Hypnotherapy and EMDR are Evidence Based Clinical Techniques

Hypnotherapy and EMDR have both repeatedly and consistently helped patients with anxiety, depression, PTSD, obesity, addictions, and countless other issues heal faster. When combined, valuable healing work can begin in as quickly as one or two sessions.

Hypnotherapy and EMDR

In a clinical trial, when EMDR and Hypnosis were used together, patients suffering from PTSD reported 90% restored wellbeing after 6 sessions as opposed to 15-20 sessions with talk therapy alone.

Why Choose The Wellness Institute?

Best teachers in the Field

All teachers at The Wellness Institute are licensed mental health professionals with years of clinical experience. You know you’re being taught by someone extraordinarily qualified in both their teaching abilities and their extensive content knowledge

Personal/Clinical Growth

Like many of our graduates, you may find yourself absolutely invigorated by these new methodologies. We are constantly researching to bring new modalities to our students to continue their personal and clinical growth. Stay a part of our community to see what additional course we will offer next!

Designed for Licensed Therapists

Many training courses design curriculum to appeal to a wide audience, but our program is built for licensed therapists. Through instruction and hands-on-practice, you will gain clinical skills that you can use to expand your practice.

We Support You, Forever

In a lot of hypnotherapy programs, you take your classes and call it a day. Not here. The Wellness Institute has Continuing Education, Supervision Groups, and a lot of free resources at your finger tips. Our community of graduates is a consistent source of joy for us, and we all support each other in any way we can

How We Became The Wellness Institute

In the early 80's I was a young marriage and family therapist seeing a wide variety of clients. Women abused by their husbands or boyfriends, mothers would bring in children who were angry or depressed and refused to go to school, and then there were the families of young sexual abuse victims. On many days, I felt overwhelmed and frustrated about what I could (or couldn’t) do to provide healing. Traditional talk therapy helped them to understand but did not seem to provide real, long lasting changes in their life patterns. I had done trainings with Dr. Fritz Perls, Albert Ellis and Dr. Eric Berne. I incorporated Gestalt techniques, using a pillow and talking to the other (absent) person in an empty chair. These tools were vastly more therapeutic than just talking, but still did not make lasting changes. Then I discovered hypnotherapy and the power of age regression work. These regressions opened up windows to the soul and gave us access to the subconscious mind. I realized that when trauma happens to us as very small children, we use those situations to make generalizations about ourselves. These generalizations or conclusions about ourselves, usually negative and judgmental, last for a lifetime unless discovered and changed in the exact place and time they were made.

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