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Our Founders

Diane Zimberoff Photo
Diane Zimberoff

Diane Zimberoff, LMFT, is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, specializing in trauma resolution and the use of altered states of consciousness for healing and spiritual growth. For over twenty five years she has trained mental health professionals in Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy, a highly effective and unique clinical model.
David Hartman

David Hartman, LCSW, is a Clinical Social Worker, specializing in trauma resolution and the use of altered states of consciousness for healing and spiritual growth. For twenty years he has trained mental health professionals in Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy, a highly effective and unique model, throughout the United States and in Kuwait, Taiwan, Mexico, South Africa and Denmark.

Wellness Instructors


Yvonne Christman, PhD

Private practice in Chicago, IL. Experience in hypnotherapy, esoteric science, transpersonal and clinical psychology, advanced trance state therapy, energy medicine, and ministerial counseling. 

Sarah DiPerna, PsyD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist in private practice, Pompano Beach, FL. Experience in hypnotherapy, trauma resolution, relationship issues, grief and loss, mind/body connectivity, and life transition.

Susan Estep, M.S., M.S.

Professional Counselor in private practice in Bend, OR for 25 years specializing in facilitating healing for trauma, PTSD, anxiety, grief and loss, women's issues; individuals, couples, groups.

Marjorie Frazier, LMHC

Licensed psychotherapist in private practice in upstate New York. She currently resides in Pennsburg PA. where she conducts various trainings, workshops and groups as well as private sessions in transpersonal coaching, spiritual mentoring, hypnotherapy and breatherapy.

Tom Gigliotti, MA, LISW-S

A holistic psychotherapist ands life coach with a research career in psychiatry at the Universities of Pittsburgh and Case Western Reserve.

Michael Malone, LPC

Psychotherapist with over 20 years’ experience as a Counselor and Family Therapist. practices Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy, Rohun Therapy, and Transpersonal Psychology in addition to many other treatment modalities.

Shahn McGuire, LMFT

Shahn has over 20 years experience as teacher and therapist. She is a mental health therapist in Friday Harbor Washington where she specializes in marriage and family therapy, including children.  Private Psychotherapy Practice, Friday Harbor, Washington

Gerard Pruziner, LCSW      

Psychotherapy practice in Commack, NY for 26 years. Experience in Hypnotherapy, Internal Family Systems Therapy, Gestalt, Addictions, Barbara Brennan Energy Work, and Integrated Kabalistic Healing.

Melissa Ratliff, LCSW

I am an experienced Psychotherapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist with a passion for assisting you heal what keeps you from expressing your true Self. Private Practice, Tupelo, MS.

Laurie Rose, LCSW 

Transpersonal psychology, Rohun therapy, Breath therapy, Subtle Energy, Spiritual Psychology, both traditional and alternative healing.

Cara Stiles, LCSW

In private practice in Boulder, CO since 1995. At the heart of her work is the belief that every person is yearning for a deeper sense of purpose in their life and the opportunity to heal at a profound level.

Jennifer L Todd, LCSW, ACHT

Private Practice, West Orange, NJ. Previously Outpatient Behavioral Health and Adult Inpatient at Bergen Regional Medical Center. 

The Wellness Team


Jesse Hartman
Role: Overseer of all things Wellness

I am 40 and a Washington native. I spent my senior year of college studying in southern France where I met my wife who is from Bogota Colombia. I learned French and Spanish and traveled extensively throughout the Americas, Europe, and Africa before venturing into the corporate world. After a 10-year career as Director of Training for a large company, I left to work with family and an amazing team at The Wellness Institute. I am the son of our founders, David Hartman and Diane Zimberoff, and am proud to lead a transition into a new era and growth of our organization.

Some notables include: I dropped out of Kindergarten and love photography, hiking, reading, learning, and all things Apple.

IMG_1624 (1).jpg

Role: Enrollment Specialist

I have been with the Wellness Institute for 10 years. I truly enjoy assisting our students and being part of their growth. In my spare time I enjoy assisting the homeless, reading and spending time with family, friends and my dogs.


Dana Guinn
Role: Enrollment Specialist

Hello, my name is Dana and I have been in Marketing and Sales since 1984. My interest and experience is working in fields of nutrition and alternative healing. My experience is in energy medicine including: Massage, Natural Force Healing, Empathology, Hypnotherapy, and Reiki. I have attended the Six-Day Training and I am happy to discuss this outstanding training with you.I am grateful and so happy to work here. My goal is to make a positive difference and connect others to the work.

On a silly note, the child in me checks out to the Hallmark Channel to get back into the heart of the matter when life is too complicated.


Kelly Rashidi
Role: Office Manager

I am a native to the Pacific Northwest and still love the rain! Most of my working career has been based at Microsoft. However, in 2005 I got my first introduction into the work they do at The Wellness Institute and fell in love! I was blessed to be asked to join The Wellness Institute in 2009. I get to be very creative in my job and wear many hats but my most favorite part of being here is meeting all the students!


Chris Melcer
Role: Office Support

In an almost previous life, my attention was on software development, jogging, ballroom and Latin dancing. More recently, my focus was on my family. Most recently, since mid 2012, I have so enjoyed being a part of The Wellness Institute, which I find to be a truly amazing co.


Sam Kinzer
Role: Facilities Technician

I've been taking care of The Wellness Institute and Retreat Center since 2014. I'm a Pisces and I like sunsets and long walks on the beach. I'm a fan of expressionist art and military history, and I've been told that I smell like almonds. 


Charity Torres
Role: Facilities interior domestic services

I'm a proud mother, and provide domestic services for The Wellness Institute. I was working with a group and was lucky enough to be hired on independently by TWI. I was drawn here because of the environment and my love of nature. Future plans include backpacking the PNW and becoming a certified yoga instructor.