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Dan Cummings, MALMHC and NCC


Paula Bennet, Marriage and Family Therapist


Roger Howell, CDP


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Maurine Killough, Certified Hypnotherapist


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"I have watched and participated in several of my clients becoming so much more in harmony with their lives. It is a pleasure to witness such change."
Teri Tolan, LMHC, LMP, RN
"[Thanks to hypnotherapy], we have grown from a one room, one therapist practice, to a 4,000 square-foot group location with at least five clinicians and many more asking to join."
Melissa Ratliff, LCSW
"This PsyD program has not only helped me gain confidence as an "older" student, but the level of learning and fascinating topics we work on has been motivating and fun!"
June L. Becker, LCSW
"Thank you Wellness for holding me in intense, powerful and life changing processes and patiently calling for the leadership qualities latent within me."
Dr. Dale McDermit, MD Psychiatry
"Each class enriches my approach to sessions, groups and also allows an expansion of my goals as a professional. Love it!"
Kendra Roseboro, LCPC
"The content contained within the program is life changing[...]If you’re wondering if this program is for you, don’t hesitate- your life is for sure to be ever changed."
Sarah Dickey, LPC