Every ending is a new beginning

Working with transpersonal material, such as that which we encounter in all our Heart-Centered therapy work, is a gift within a gift within a gift. We might begin by trying to change a habit, reconcile our feelings about a relationship, or recover from a life trauma, but when we get to the core of our work, Magic happens.

Part of the magic is discovering the power of symbols and archetypes. Heart-Centered therapies are rich with imagery. In hypnotherapy, we use them to provide anchors for clients, which provide ways for them to return to a safe and comfortable place, or remind them of the new conclusions they have made about themselves. 

In psychodrama, symbols are used as ways to bring fresh concepts and the treasures of the soul to life. In breathwork and the Jungian journeys we pursue in mentors, symbols and archetypes  come to us, carrying messages we may not have ever noticed otherwise. The power of these symbols is derived from the fact that they beckon us, always, to learn more and more.

It seems that the deeper we go with our work, the more possibilities we see for further growth. Our healing process is a spiral that allows us to complete one cycle just in time to begin another. We see this in the course of our life development, and we also see it in our inner work. One realization leads to another, and the draw of the symbols we carry on the journey inward keeps calling us to take on another turn of the spiral.

Where are you with your Wellness work?

The thrill of completing the six day training and certification program is something almost every student describes as exhilarating,” or life-changing.” Those who go on to the Advanced Internship allow themselves to be carried even deeper into their human experience, learning more skills and accelerating their own healing process.

The willingness to examine ourselves as we deeply study topics such as codependency, addiction, sexual abuse, mind-body issues, eating disorders, relationship addiction, healthy relationships and healthy endings is an exercise that takes courage as well as clinical and intellectual prowess. The deeper we go into ourselves, the more we may discover there is to heal.

As the sojourn continues into PTI Leadership, it becomes obvious that while we still have vulnerabilities and weaknesses, we can also display strength, maturity, and leadership. We learn more about managing groups and facilitating psychodrama, which takes us on to another level of understanding the wounds, urges, and pains that need to be addressed and healed before we can take on the responsibility of leading others through their inner healing process.

The next levels of the spiral take us to yet another new beginning: the challenge of Mentorship. While the Mentors program is designed for those who may want to become teachers, it also allows those who simply cant resist the next levels of the journey to keep going. Discovery of aspects of the self, from conception shock to autonomous complexes and the mana personality enrich the mind and nourish the soul.

The Mentors Program beckons to the seeker to awaken, explore the deep unconscious, and flow with Divine guidance.” Obviously, there are endless spirals we can ride. As one leg of the Wellness journey ends, a new one appears on the horizon. For the curious and the courageous, the quest for union with Divine guidance can last a lifetime. Fortunately, your work at The Wellness Institute can serve to guide your quest.

Where are you on your Wellness journey? Has it been awhile since your six-day, and do you wonder about Internship? Are you hoping to become a PTI Leader, or to begin or continue your Mentors work?

Were happy to announce that The Wellness Institute now offers all these programs, and more, completely online. You can remain in your own home or office as you participate, or join a friend or two for a hybrid conference experience. Youll be amazed at how well and completely the work can be done online, and how the intimacy of the group experience is as intense and heart-warming as ever. 

As the cycle of this year ends, consider a new beginning on another leg of the journey with The Wellness Institute. 

Enroll now. Classes for 2022 are already filling up fast!