Why would a therapist want to become a life coach? Even the most effective therapists see the potential of expanding their work to continue serving clients who have “graduated” from therapy. When the past has been explored, childhood traumas worked through, and old, destructive behaviors reformed, it’s time to move on. 
Many clients will thank you for the work you’ve done together and go on with their lives. But there will be others who want to do more than just “move on.” They will want to move forward. This is exactly what coaching does for clients such as these. Coaching is perfect for clients who want to apply the skills they acquired in therapy to live fully. Now they can put together and execute plans that align with their needs, values, and desires. 
Coaching also appeals to clients who may have already done therapy elsewhere, or who don't have many reasons to focus on the past. They might need new ways at looking at old problems that help them clear the hurdles that stand between them and their ultimate success. Coaching will do that for them. 
Coaching will help your practice to expand, as well. You will attract clients who are capable of self-pay, and who will have friends and connections who will see the results they get and seek your services. 
Keep in mind that “success” means different things to people. Traditionally, coaching is thought of as a way for a salesperson or business executive to achieve financial goals. Human resources professionals also use coaching to develop promising team members in ways that make them more cooperative, motivated, and balanced. 

Transpersonal Coaching Fosters Complete Adult Development 

Clients who experience transpersonal coaching achieve success in the material sense as well as psychologically, but there’s so much more. Transpersonal coaching stretches the individual to continue developing so that they operate in concert with the very highest levels of Self. Based on the principles of transpersonal school of psychology, this type of coaching is: 
humanistic. People want to grow, and find ways to become who they really are, through the process of self-actualization. This releases the client to realize the inherent potential for growth on all levels. 
developmental. Transpersonal coaching gives goal-focused people with the incentive to move forward to use their previous experience to solve problems and create new ways to succeed. 
systemic. Rather than focusing on one aspect of a person’s life, such as work performance or contentment through relationships, transpersonal coaching looks at the whole person. Clients recognize patterns and feedback received for their actions, and view themselves in new and different ways. 
non-directive. While the transpersonal coach guides the client through the process of growth, the client does the work. The coach has the right questions, while the client provides the right answers. 
therapeutic. Transpersonal coaching stimulates inner change, embracing emotional, psychological, and developmental growth, rather than stopping at changes on the level of cognitive-behavioral activity or decision-making. The focus is on personal growth as well as improved performance. 

Become a transpersonal coach with training from The Wellness Institute 

The relationship between coach and client is dynamic, deep, and rewarding. You will watch your clients identify their core values, formulate their goals, and find fulfillment that touches every part of their lives. As you can see, coaching isn’t just about pushing people to make more money for their corporation. There are ways to put people on the right career path, assist others who are making the transition to retirement, and, in general, help your clients to find purpose in their lives, and devise ways to live in harmony with that purpose. 
You can become a Certified Transpersonal Life Coach, fully equipped with methods and skills to help your clients make life-changing decisions as they develop into the best human beings they can be. The Wellness Institute has been training coaches for more than a decade. Developed by Wellness Institute founders David Hartman and Diane Zimberoff, the program is profound, but the training is easy to acquire. You will acquire an entire toolbox full of skills with a very small commitment in terms of time. 
The program consists of a total of 60 hours of coursework, coupled with small group meetings where you will practice new coaching skills with your peers. The class meets for one hour each week, as do the small groups. The training is divided into four modules that span about one year, after which you will take electives that enhance your skills and allow you to earn the credits needed for certification as a Transpersonal Life Coach by The Wellness Institute. 
All classes are online, and feature instruction on how to conduct coaching sessions in person as well as virtually. The program is designed on principles set forth by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). 
With this certification from The Wellness Institute, you will provide your clients with the confidence they need to be assured that you are the right professional to serve their needs. You will also join a network of like-minded practitioners who will offer support and encouragement as you continue your lifelong journey toward being your very best Self. 
The Transpersonal Coaching Training Program at The Wellness Institute is open to students who are either graduates of or current participants in The Advanced Internship. 
If you’re interested in Transpersonal Coaching and haven’t taken The Advanced Internship yet, get started by enrolling in the Six-Day Hypnotherapy Training and Certification Program
Classes begin in January 2023. This training is the perfect way to start the new year! 
Empower your clients, and yourself.  

Enroll in the Transpersonal Coaching Certification Program at The Wellness Institute.