You have years of training and a wall filled with certificates that evidence your specialized skills. You have a practice full of clients who depend on you for guidance, care, and wisdom. Yet, there may be times when you are presented with choices to make or options to consider, and you just don’t know what to do. All the technical training and intellectual power in the world doesn’t seem to help. What can you do? 

The Power of Intuition 

Fortunately, there are other faculties that we can use when we find ourselves at a crossroads or in a quandary. It’s our intuition. Yes, that “gut feeling” or “inner voice” you might sense is more than just a random signal about what you can or should do next. Your intuition is a key that opens the door to what Abraham Maslow called “post-ambivalence.” This trait represents unconflicted love, acceptance, expressiveness, and permits us to experience feelings that transcend mixed love and hate, confusion over “yes” or “no,” or the co-mingling of  friendship and authority. 
The art of understanding and honoring our intuition gives us a more grounded perspective on life. When we can move past panic and glide into the certainty of believing what we “just know,” our therapy sessions move from being cold and clinical to being incisive and magical.  
Unfortunately, most training programs teach that intuition isn’t reliable, that it’s based on superstition, and that it isn't genuine or predictable. Even though therapists are constantly working with the emotional lives of their clients, many are reluctant to believe that intuition, which is also based on feelings, can be a source of guidance and wisdom.  

Tap on Your Intuition–Transform Your Practice, and Your Life. 

Fortunately, there is a training program that honors intuition, and teaches students how to develop a relationship with their own “inner knowing.” The Wellness Institute proudly integrates intuition into clinical practice. The practice of Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy®, the Institute’s core modality, not only honors intuition, but enthusiastically encourages therapists to use it as a part of the process. 
When therapists deal with the communication that takes place between the conscious mind and the subconscious and unconscious parts of a client’s being, deep emotions become the bridge between trauma-fueled and/or dysfunctional behavior and a healthy state of mind. In order to deal with emotions on this level, therapists benefit greatly from using their intuition. 

Learn How to Use Your Intuition in a New Weekend Course 

Diane Zimberoff and David Hartman, founders of The Wellness Institute, will offer a course that will help you learn to recognize the clear voice of your intuition, and use it to help your clients–and yourself! The course, entitled “Integrating your Power of Intuition into your Clinical Practice,” will be offered this June 24 and 25. You will learn how to develop a clear channel of communication with your intuition, and consider ways of bringing it into your practice, and your life. 

Your intuition can lead you to all kinds of enlightening and expansive ideas and actions. One of them could be learning hypnotherapy! Learn more about our Six Day Hypnotherapy Training and Certification Program, and find ways to use your intuition in your practice each and every day.