Hypnotherapy for Pregnancy and FertilityDesperate couples spend tens of thousands of dollars trying to get pregnant, many to no avail. We have successfully treated young couples with hypnotherapy, who now profusely thank us for helping them to conceive their beautiful babies.


First of all, let's look at what may be blocking some couples from conceiving. Once tests are completed and found that there is no medical issue in the way of conception, we then begin the hypnotherapy to bring to awareness the emotional/psychological issues that may be at the root of this problem. Each of us holds hundreds of beliefs and subconscious conclusions about ourselves that were framed by very early experiences in our lives. When we experienced abusive or traumatic events in our childhoods, these conclusions were drawn without the benefit of our as-yet undeveloped adult understanding of the world.

Hypnotherapy is a process of self-discovery, uncovering the deeper beliefs and decisions we made as small children without the benefit of an adult consciousness.

The rational ten percent of our brain does not have the awareness necessary to change this child-mind thinking, because these experiences are held within the ninety percent of our mind that makes up the subconscious.

A common example of this is a young woman who may have been sexually abused, or even raped, as a young child by a male, perhaps even by a close family member. This experience is very distressing for a young girl and often causes symptoms of PTSD. She may have nightmares, flashbacks and a myriad of fears and phobias that develop in her life from this experience. Children consistently draw conclusions about themselves and make decisions about how to stay safe during these times of distress in their young lives. They draw many generalizations which the subconscious mind clings to as truth.

One of the common beliefs we have uncovered through using clinical hypnotherapy with women who have been traumatized by men is that, "All men are abusers." This belief is especially strong in women who were abused by their fathers, step-fathers, brothers or uncles. Since children commonly go into a state of dissociation and shock during traumatic events, this often creates a situation in which they do not remember what happened to them. Dissociation is a protective mechanism which helps children cope with abusive experiences so that they don't go crazy; it can actually appear as if nothing happened.

If a child abuse victim was also not protected by her mother or any other adults in the family, she may develop the belief system that tells her, "I am just like my mother and am unable to protect my own children." She may have drawn the conclusion that she might even harm her own children. This could lead to a subconscious decision, "I should never have children.” Or, "I should never be a mother." Thus, "I will never get pregnant" may be a deep unconscious decision still affecting her even in her adult life. This belief, then, sends a signal to her female parts to stop ovulation or in some other way prevent any pregnancies.


The amazing thing that we have observed in over 35 years and thousands of hypnotherapy sessions is that the mind and the body do work together to carry out the messages of the subconscious mind. We have observed this phenomenon and now there is clear medical research to support the assertion that a woman's body reacts to her deep subconscious beliefs in a similar way to what we commonly call "the placebo effect." The research is clear that when a control group is given a "sugar pill" and told it is an anti-depressant. Many in that group have the same diminishing of depression as the group that is actually given the anti-depressant. So the placebo effect consistently reinforces what we as clinical hypnotherapists have observed for decades. The mind and body are intrinsically connected and work together to follow the directions of the belief systems that we hold.

So when we apply this phenomenon to the infertile couple through hypnotherapy, we can get down into the subconscious mind and discover what experiences may be held there and what conclusions and decisions may be preventing her from conceiving.

These unwanted and unconscious conclusions can now be taken out of the hands of the young child who made them and brought to the adult to reframe into conclusions and decisions that support the adult to have her desires fulfilled.


The blocks to conception do not have to be as severe as sexual abuse. This is only one example of what may be blocking a couple from conceiving. Couples need to also understand that, whatever may be uncovered in the sessions, it does not mean it is the woman's fault. We are not looking to blame or point fingers at either the man or the woman. A man's subconscious beliefs can also affect his sperm count and it is a good idea for both partners to use hypnotherapy to get down to whatever may be blocking conception.

The skilled, certified hypnotherapist has the tools to work with the couple in order for them to clear what is blocking their baby from entering the world. We at The Wellness Institute have many parents, grandparents and family members who send pictures of their babies and consistently thank our hypnotherapists for discovering a much less expensive and much less invasive method of treating infertility than going through traditional infertility treatment.