The gift of releasing post-pandemic weight with TRIM-LIFE®

The heavy truth

The effects of the pandemic haven’t totally stopped yet, nor have the waves of stress and fear that it brought along with it. As the effects of COVID-19 lockdowns - and the virus - continue to spread, so does the anxiety that leads to compulsive behavior.

In a search for comfort in a world that is so uncertain, many people have turned to soothing themselves with excess food. According to the Mayo Clinic, the pandemic has exacerbated the obesity epidemic to the point where 70 percent of Americans could be classified as obese.

How did this happen? The shift in lifestyle COVID-19 shutdowns brought about got people intensely interested in food. Now, they buy more, cook more, order more fast food deliveries, and binge on junk food while gazing at the latest streaming entertainment sensation.

The desire to have something within our control, as well as the easy lifestyle of no longer having to fit into any clothing besides stretchy pants and oversized shirts have also contributed to a collective increase in our society’s girth.

To make things even worse, fitness centers and sports programs have been closed, and although some have reopened, they could be shut down again. Also, people who work from home tend to move around a lot less than they used to, even if they just walked a few blocks to their office. This lack of mobility has definitely helped to tip the scales in the wrong direction.

Obviously, the psychological effects of the pandemic have taken their toll on society. How can mental health practitioners help to turn things around?

TRIM-LIFE® benefits your clients:

Whether you believe the pandemic is over, or you’ve battened down the hatches for the next wave, variant, or outbreak, you can take action and help your clients maintain their health, as well.

In times such as these, we need the TRIM-LIFE® program, a proven mainstay of Wellness Institute programs, more than ever! With TRIM-LIFE®, you can help your clients release excess weight while you watch your practice grow.

TRIM-LIFE® is not a typical weight loss program. There are no diets or severe restrictions involved, and there is no focus on numbers such as weight or body measurements.

At the Wellness Institute, we prefer to inform clients they are releasing weight, so they don’t see their weight “loss” as something they might wind up getting back someday. Here are 4 ways the TRIM-LIFE® program gets your clients to establish and maintain a healthy lifestyle as they release excess weight:

  1. TRIM-LIFE® helps clients to manage stress, and change the internal conversations that provoke them into making unhealthy choices. They access these subconscious impulses through Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy. This technique not only persuades clients to make better choices; it helps them to understand the underlying causes for their desire to make unhealthy decisions. By regressing back in time to incidents that laid the groundwork for a dysfunctional relationship with food, clients learn to make new, healthy decisions about themselves and they way they choose to treat their bodies.
  1. TRIM-LIFE® offers a group experience that permits clients to learn from one another. Sharing the experience of changing one’s lifestyle with a supportive group of peers makes it far easier to release weight, along with any shame or judgment clients tend to place on themselves.
  1. TRIM-LIFE® is a money-saving investment. There are no special foods or shakes for clients to purchase. Instead, they are introduced to an anti-inflammatory lifestyle that will keep them healthier in many ways, for the rest of their lives. They may, at the suggestion of their physicians, get more information about supplements and exercise that are appropriate, based on physical condition and any ailments that may be present.
  1. The TRIM-LIFE® program teaches clients to take an integrated approach to managing the connections among the mind, body, and spirit. This allows them to understand the underlying causes of their unhealthy habits, and take action to make the improvements they need. They may also uncover past trauma and release the pain it has caused, so that they can live fuller and happier lives.

TRIM-LIFE® expands your practice:

Now, let’s examine the ways TRIM-LIFE® can help you to expand your practice.

  1. TRIM-LIFE® allows you to contribute to your community. As therapists, we have a sincere desire to help individuals, but that’s not all we wish to do. At a time such as this, with the world in psychological turmoil, many of us want to help to make the world a better place. By offering the TRIM-LIFE® program in your community, you’ll provide a service that invites a wide variety of people to evolve into the best human beings they can be, as they learn to release excess weight and live healthier lives.
  1. TRIM-LIFE® brings clients together. By creating groups of clients, you allow them to benefit from the healing effects of watching one another grow. TRIM-LIFE® is the kind of program people like to share with friends and family, as well. People might go through the program together, or, once an individual completes the program, s/he will send referrals.
  1. TRIM-LIFE® offers your clients a gateway to deeper work. Once they recognize the firmly-rooted subconscious messages that have affected their relationships with food, they are likely to expand their exploration to find what other patterns might be holding them back from living full and productive lives.
  1. TRIM-LIFE® is an established program, and if you’re qualified, you can teach it! As long as you’ve completed the 6-Day Hypnotherapy Training and your practice sessions have been approved for certification, you are eligible to purchase the license and conduct TRIM-LIFE® programs with your clients. The program gives you step-by-step instructions on how to run the six-week program. It features:
  • Audio professionally recorded by Donna Rawlins, a veteran L.A. voice actor
  • Audio available on flash drive as well as CD
  • Sleek, professional packaging
  • All facilitator videos and resources available online for instant access
  • Content contributions from The Cleveland Clinic, where the TRIM-LIFE® program has been a long-standing success.

The TRIM-LIFE® program is taught by more than 600 providers in 40 states, and there’s plenty of demand for more providers. You have every to join this revolutionary movement. Bring better health and happiness to your clients - and you.

The TRIM-LIFE® program is licensed through The Wellness Institute. Click here for more information.

And…if you’re not yet confident about starting a class, marketing it, or taking TRIM-LIFE to Zoom, there is help! Kelly Bearer, who has adapted many Wellness programs to Zoom, offers a TRIM-LIFE® provider training course to get you schooled in how to run TRIM-LIFE® classes, either online or in-person.

If, in the face of this pandemic, you want to bring a supportive service to your clients, expand your practice, and make the world a better place, there’s no better way to do it than becoming a TRIM-LIFE® provider!

Click here to get more information, and start changing lives, and your world, with TRIM-LIFE® today!