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Six-Day Hypnotherapy Training

At The Wellness Institute, we teach a highly effective treatment model that addresses body, mind, and spirit called Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy. We have created this guide to help you better understand the Six-Day Hypnotherapy Training Course.

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Advanced Internship

The Wellness Institute offers a robust two-year Advanced Internship Program designed for certified hypnotherapist who are looking for personal as well as professional transformation. This Guide will outline the Advanced Internship Program and structure.

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Transpersonal Coaching

The Wellness Institute offers a distance learning Transpersonal certification program for individuals who have completed The Wellness Institute Internship course, or who are currently enrolled in it. Read this guide to better understand the Transpersonal Coaching Certification Program.

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Graduate School of Psychology

The Wellness Institute Graduate School of Psychology offers cutting edge education in transpersonal psychology in the milieu of a blended model of residential and distance learning.  Read through this guide for more information.

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Ultimate Guide to Clinical Hypnotherapy Techniques

Industry trends indicate that hypnotherapy techniques are being acknowledged as the most effective method for treating common ailments. Read The Ultimate Guide to Clinical Hypnotherapy Techniques to see what common conditions are treated with Hypnotherapy.

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Jung and Hypnotherapy

Carl Jung’s work has played a significant role in the development of depth psychology and transformational psychotherapy, including hypnotherapy. Over time, his work, in addition to other well-known psychologists, forms the basis for Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy curriculum.

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6 Myths about Hypnotherapy Training, Debunked

Hypnotherapy is a means to quickly address client issues that might otherwise take years. If you have reservations about hypnotherapy training, read on. In this guide, we examine six most common misconceptions about this type of treatment.

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Transpersonal Perspective in the Practice of Psychotherapy

Transpersonal theory proposes that there are developmental stages beyond the adult ego, which involve experiences of connectedness with phenomena considered outside the boundaries of the ego.  In healthy individuals, these developmental stages can cultivate the most refined human qualities.

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How Much Do Hypnotherapists Make?

Is it time to add a new modality to your private therapy practice? Learning and then practicing a new way of helping patients can be an exciting prospect for a therapist.

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Six Components of Transpersonal Training at the Wellness Institute

Six Components of Transpersonal Training at the Wellness Institute

Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy incorporates six primary components that make up the coursework and teaching. Learn how these integrate in our work: Transpersonal Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Personal Transformation, Trauma Resolution, Holistic Integrative, Hypnotherapy and Altered States.

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13 Ways to grow or start your private practice

For therapists that are interested in the healing art of hypnotherapy, this guide provides a list of 13 ways that certification in hypnotherapy can benefit, improve, or even help you start your therapy practice.

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23 Stories of How Hypnotherapy Training Helped These 23 Graduates

Hypnotherapy is a method of treatment that has grown in legitimacy and adoption. To help you understand the effects of hypnotherapy, we reached out to our graduate community and asked them to share their success stories.

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Performance Anxiety

Do you experience performance anxiety? If you do, you’ll find very effective strategies to work through the anxiety and prepare yourself for peak performance. This eBook will walk you from the fear of failing to optimal performance.

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EMDR vs. Hypnotherapy: Which Is Better?

Is it time to add a new modality to your private therapy practice? Learning and then practicing a new way of helping patients can be an exciting prospect for a therapist.

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Karma: The Evolutionary Path of Our Souls

Karma, the Evolutionary Path of Our Souls

How do you define Karma? We believe Karma is the evolutionary path of the soul. It is a series of lifetime situations where we have specific lessons to learn so that we can progress.

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Hypnotherapy and CBT Can Be Be Effective Together

Hypnotherapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Can Be Effective Together

Both cognitive behavioral therapy and hypnotherapy have their place in an integrative approach to treating patients with a wide variety of mental and physical problems. Together they can complement each other in a powerful way.

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Breaking Free

Diane Zimberoff's Breaking Free from the Victim Trap offers a clear, step-by-step approach to leading people out of their self-defeating patterns into new liberating freedom.  Now is the time to break free and thrive.

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Self-transcendence and Ego Surrender: A Quiet-enough Ego or an Ever-quieter Ego 

Transpersonal Psychology helps people by escorting them through the layers of their personal work: repairing damage done by early abuse and neglect, becoming accountable for one’s own shadow, meeting and befriending the archetypal inhabitants of one’s unconscious, and developing one’s optimal functioning to fulfill one’s destiny.

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Overcoming Shock

Overcoming Shock explains the physiology of shock and how shock can control our responses to life. It shows how it impacts our lives and how it can be effectively treated.

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From Therapy to Life Mastery: Coaching as a Natural Next Step from Hypnotherapy

The inclusion of hypnosis, NLP techniques, and hypnotic strategies and principles in coaching is not only appropriate but highly effective. Hypnosis: a new dimension in coaching. Check out this book and our Transpersonal Life Coaching Training.

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Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy in the Milieu of Integrative Medicine: Healing the Mind/Body/Spirit

by David Hartman and Diane Zimberoff

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Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Citations

by David Hartman, MSW

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