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Ultimate Guide to Clinical Hypnotherapy Techniques

Industry trends indicate that hypnotherapy techniques are being acknowledged as the most effective method for treating common ailments. Read The Ultimate Guide to Clinical Hypnotherapy Techniques to see what common conditions are treated with Hypnotherapy.

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Jung and Hypnotherapy

Carl Jung’s work has played a significant role in the development of depth psychology and transformational psychotherapy, including hypnotherapy. Over time, his work, in addition to other well-known psychologists, forms the basis for Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy curriculum.

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6 Myths about Hypnotherapy Training, Debunked

Hypnotherapy is a means to quickly address client issues that might otherwise take years. If you have reservations about hypnotherapy training, read on. In this guide, we examine six most common misconceptions about this type of treatment.

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13 Ways to grow or start your private practice

For therapists that are interested in the healing art of hypnotherapy, this guide provides a list of 13 ways that certification in hypnotherapy can benefit, improve, or even help you start your therapy practice.

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23 Stories of How Hypnotherapy Training Helped These 23 Graduates

Hypnotherapy is a method of treatment that has grown in legitimacy and adoption. To help you understand the effects of hypnotherapy, we reached out to our graduate community and asked them to share their success stories.

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Performance Anxiety

Do you experience performance anxiety? If you do, you’ll find very effective strategies to work through the anxiety and prepare yourself for peak performance. This eBook will walk you from the fear of failing to optimal performance.

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